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Analogic Books page 4 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Analogic Books
Analogic books new or used


Design of Analog Integrated Circuits and Systems
by Kenneth R. Laker

Book Description
This text is for a senior or graduate level course called Analog Integrated Circuits or Design of Analog Integrated Circuits. This book combines the consideration of CMOS and bipolar circuits into a unified treatment. Also included are CMOS-bipolar circuits made possible by BiCMOS technology. The text progresses smoothly from MOS and bipolar device modeling to simple one and two transistor building block circuits. The final two chapters present a unified coverage of sample-data and continuous-time signal processing systems.

Book Info
Comprehensive treatment of the two subjects under one cover, including combined CMOS-bipolar circuit realizations made possible by BICMOS technology. DLC: Linear integrated circuits-Design and construction.

Design of Analog-Digital VLSI Circuits for Telecommunications and Signal Processing (2nd Edition)
by Jose Epifanio Franca (Author), Yannis Tsividis (Author)

The publisher, Prentice-Hall Engineering/Science/Mathematics
Written by the leading experts in the field, this volume surveys the latest research and techniques relating to the design and use of VLSI circuits for signal processing and telecommunications.

Practical Analog And Digital Filter Design (Artech House Microwave Library) (Hardcover)
by Les Thede

First Sentence:
Everyone has probably come in contact with one type of filter or another in their lifetime. Read the first page
Statistically Improbable Phrases (SIPs): (learn more)
overall filter gain, numb coefs, unnormalization process, lowpass approximation, gain adjustment factor, active filter stage, bandstop coefficients, bandpass coefficients, bandpass approximation, stopband gain, extremal frequencies, quadratic loop, passband edge frequency, lowpass case, normalized transfer function, stopband edge frequencies, frequency response calculation, stopband edge frequency, causal coefficients, passband gain, specification dialog box, bandpass case, ideal coefficients, transfer function coefficients, filter design problem

Static and Dynamic Performance Limitations for High Speed D/A Converters (The International Series in Engineering and Computer Science) (Hardcover)
by Anne van den Bosch, Michiel Steyaert, Willy M.C. Sansen

Analog Electronics with LabVIEW (With CD-ROM) (Paperback)
by Kenneth L. Ashley

The hands-on, simulation-based introduction to analog electronics.

Analog Electronics with LabVIEW is the first comprehensive introduction to analog electronics that makes full use of computer simulation. Kenneth L. Ashley introduces analog electronics through a series of theory/project sections, in which theoretical presentations correlate directly with circuit measurement and analysis projects. The results of experiments are used to extract device model parameters used in subsequent electronic circuit analysis, providing a significant enhancement in the understanding of modern, computer-based electronic-circuit simulation. Readers will master not only the fundamentals of analog electronics, but also data acquisition and circuit simulation with LabVIEW, basic circuit-solution computation with Mathcad, and circuit simulation with Cadence Schematics or Capture. Coverage includes:

  • Elementary analog circuit analysis, including the resistor voltage divider and MOSFET DC gate voltage, MOSFET drain current-source equivalent, amplifier frequency response, and more
  • Fundamentals of transistors and voltage amplification
  • Characterization of MOS transistors for circuit simulation
  • Common-source amplifiers, MOSFET source-follower buffer stage, differential amplifier stage, and MOSFET current sources
  • Operational amplifiers: resistor negative feedback approaches and capacitor-based applications
  • Development of a Basic CMOS Operational Amplifier
  • LabVIEW tutorial with emphasis on analog electronics, the discrete nature of compute data acquisition, and LabVIEW measurement VIs such as the autoranging DC voltmeter
  • Characterization of the BJT for circuit simulation including linear modeling
  • BJT NPN common-emitter amplifier, including emitter degeneration and current-source PNP load with emitter degeneration

For those new to LabVIEW, the book also contains a complete introductory tutorial with emphasis relevant to analog-electronics applications.

Trade-Offs in Analog Circuit Design (Paperback)
by Chris Toumazou (Editor), George S. Moschytz (Editor), Barrie Gilbert (Editor)

Book Description
As the frequency of communication systems increases and the dimensions of transistors are reduced, more and more stringent performance requirements are placed on analog circuits. This is a trend that is bound to continue for the foreseeable future and while it does, understanding performance trade-offs will constitute a vital part of the analog design process. It is the insight and intuition obtained from a fundamental understanding of performance conflicts and trade-offs, that ultimately provides the designer with the basic tools necessary for effective and creative analog design. Trade-offs in Analog Circuit Design, which is devoted to the understanding of trade-offs in analog design, is quite unique in that it draws together fundamental material from, and identifies interrelationships within, a number of key analog circuits. The book covers ten subject areas: Design methodology, Technology, General Performance, Filters, Switched Circuits, Oscillators, Data Converters, Transceivers, Neural Processing, and Analog CAD. Within these subject areas it deals with a wide diversity of trade-offs ranging from frequency-dynamic range and power, gain-bandwidth, speed-dynamic range and phase noise, to tradeoffs in design for manufacture and IC layout. The book has by far transcended its original scope and has become both a designer's companion as well as a graduate textbook. An important feature of this book is that it promotes an intuitive approach to understanding analog circuits by explaining fundamental relationships and, in many cases, providing practical illustrative examples to demonstrate the inherent basic interrelationships and trade-offs. Trade-offs in Analog Circuit Design draws together 34 contributions from some of the world's most eminent analog circuits-and-systems designers to provide, for the first time, a comprehensive text devoted to a very important and timely approach to analog circuit design.

The Art and Science of Analog Circuit Design (EDN Series for Design Engineers) (Paperback)
by Jim Williams

Book Description
In this companion text to Analog Circuit Design: Art, Science, and Personalities, seventeen contributors present more tutorial, historical, and editorial viewpoints on subjects related to analog circuit design. By presenting divergent methods and views of people who have achieved some measure of success in their field, the book encourages readers to develop their own approach to design. In addition, the essays and anecdotes give some constructive guidance in areas not usually covered in engineering courses, such as marketing and career development.

*Includes visualizing operation of analog circuits

*Describes troubleshooting for optimum circuit performance

*Demonstrates how to produce a saleable product

Book Info
More than a circuit design reference. Learn the importance of a practical design and available materials, as well as how having a well-supplied home lab can be of invaluable use. DLC: Linear integrated circuits.


Analog and Digital Filter Design Using C [FACSIMILE] (Textbook Binding)
by Les Thede

Filled with practical C functions, this state-of-the-art guide will allow filter designers to automate the design of analog and digital filters using the C programming language. Covers the design of Butterworth, Chebyshev, inverse Chebyshev and elliptic filters which can be implemented by analog analog active or digital IIR filters; the design of FIR digital filters using windowing techniques and the Parks-McClellan algorithm; and calculates the filter coefficients for analog and digital filers utilizing C functions. For DSP electrical engineers working on filter design.

Fundamantals of Analog Circuits (Paperback)
by David Buchla

Analog Circuit Design: Art, Science and Personalities (EDN Series for Design Engineers) (Paperback)
by Jim Williams

From Book News, Inc.
A grand tour through the world of analog design, combining theory and applications with the philosophies behind the design process. Filled with practical working circuits. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

`If you do any analog circuits design, buy this book! The well-indexed volume contains much useful information' EDN Magazine
* `This excellent book (contains) twenty four of the best known names in analogue design (and) represents a source of wisdom rather than a traditional reference book. The lighthearted short story format of the book makes it very readable.' New Electronics Magazine
'The book provides a wealth of practical working circuits together with anecdotes from each author's experience.' - Electronics (The Maplin Magazine), May 1996

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